Q1. How do I get there from my hotel?

There are so many hotels in the Disney area that we cannot memorize all of them so please check google maps!

We are located near the Vineland Outlets and Disney Springs at: 8480 Palm Pkwy Orlando, FL 32836

If you do not have a car you may sign up for a FREE UBER here or sign up for a FREE Lyft here.

Take public transportation via Lynx bus 50 or 300 and get off at the Burger King on Apopka Vineland Drive (535). Our facility is a brief walk up Palm Parkway from that stop. Feel free to visit their site HERE for more information on bus schedules.

Q2. Where can I see the WOD?

Click Here

Q3. Am I allowed to do my own programming?

Yes! We have a main workout area, secondary workout area, and outdoor workout area. Just remember that the classes take priority over space and equipment.

Q4. Do you offer daycare service?

We do not offer daycare for kids, however we do have an air conditioned lounge with couches and TV for guests and kids. And, of course, we have free wifi.

Q5. Do you sell shirts?

We don’t offer a shirt-trade or shirt-4-WOD program. However, we do keep shirts in stock for purchase.

Q6. Are there any discounts for drop-ins?

Our drop in fee is standard for everyone. With the number of visitors we get, it is very important that we try and keep everyone at the same rate. It would be inequitable to let certain visitors come at one rate, and others at another…or have visitors actually paying less than our contractually obligated membership base.

Q7. What is your CrossFit Open policy?

Open WODs will be performed at all regularly schedule classes on FRIDAYS. To attend, please register online for the specific class you want to take. If you can’t attend on Fridays, you may do the Open workout during open gym during our regular class times, but we cannot guarantee judge availability on days other than Friday (there are usually others willing to trade judging, we just can't guarantee). We have certified judges on hand to validate on Friday. If you have a special need or time, please contact us the week prior to make arrangements.